Friday, 8 November 2013

Introduction to Flash

Macromedia Flash was a program created in 1995 to create websites, vector-based drawing and animation. Today, Adobe develops the program, and is currently in its Adobe Flash CS6 incarnation.

Adobe Flash is an important tool in the animation industry. Along with programs like TVPaint and Toon Boom, Flash allows you to animate on a computer, doing away with the mess of physical drawings, photographing and storing. Flash's vector-based programming allows it to create very smooth and flat linework, which is immensely useful for a more graphic, simple style of design and digital artists who employ Adobe Illustrator. A more painterly style can be achieved with the aid of other programs, using Flash to do the basic animation and (for example) Photoshop to colour it.

This blog shall cover the basics of Flash and some tips and tricks on how to streamline your work and bring in other programs.

Let's begin.

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