Sunday, 10 November 2013

Flash Drawing: The Eraser Tool

The Eraser Tool is, once more, very similar to the Brush Tool. In fact, it acts as a sort of reverse brush tool, erasing in the same manner as the brush paints. In the Tools panel, there's options regarding the size and shape of the eraser. There are also eraser modes, where you can limit what you erase so that you only get rid of strokes, fills, selections...

  • Erase Normal: Everything the eraser tool draws over is removed.
  • Erase Fills: The eraser tool only affects fills (i.e. things drawn with the brush tool, fills or fills made by the bucket tool).
  • Erase Lines: The erase tool only affects lines (i.e. outlines or lines drawn with the pencil, pen or pile tool).
  • Erase Selected Fills: Erases only selected fills.
  • Erase Inside: The eraser only paints inside an area. The 'inside' is determined by where your eraser stroke starts. Starting a eraser stroke in a shape means you will only paint inside the shape, while selecting an empty space means it will only paint in an empty space.

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